About me

'It is by forging that one becomes a blacksmith'.
-- French proverb

Published Sep 8, 2014

My name is Yannik and I am a passionated and creative technology professional. Passionated not for technology’s sake, but for its ability to elevate people and empower our life. I'm a native of the swiss mountains but travel a lot. I am...

... a maker. I am learning through doing and often explore intersections of separate domains, bringing together disruptive and innovative ideas.
...a full-stack developer with experience in building robust REST API backends using Python, Ruby or Scala. I have also a strong experience in data retrieval, analysis and visualization using Python and JavaScript.
...a designer with a strong experience of building user interfaces for web and mobile. Printed design, Javascript animations and identity are also things I do occasionally. I especially get horrified when a font is misused.

At Cisco, I am coordinating the Cisco Technology Radar, a company-wide Technology Intelligence program that aims at identifying, selecting and disseminating information on new technological trends, threats and opportunities to decision makers across Cisco. I lead the big data analytics effort, develop scalable algorithms and apply sophisticated statistical techniques to large sets of data, and design infographics for internal and external communication

Check out some of my work at techradar.cisco.com.

About me


In addition to or throughout my daily job, there are technology advances and areas that interest me particulary, on which I try to put my focus on:

Smooth Manifold
Graph Theory
Fog Computing
Signal Processing
Natural Language Processing
Machine Learning
Docker & Linux Container


On the shores of Lake Geneva, I have graduated from the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland. Interesting internship positions have notably brought me in other renown universities, like the Technion. During my studies, I was a teaching assistant for courses like "Graph Theory", "Signal Processing for communication" or "Computer Network".

About me


If I don't have a rugby match during the weekend, you will probably not see me. I seek solitude in remote hikes. Sometimes I paint, sometimes I photograph.


If I speak english fluently, I keep a nice French accent. French, yes. Oh, I should explain here that Switzerland has no Swiss language. However, the country is split in three main regions: 60% of the population speaks german, 30% french, 6% italian. More

Why the blacksmith theme? Because I dreamed of becoming a blacksmith when I was a child. I'm sure now I became a blacksmith of the internet, a websmith.